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Sunday is another good day to fix the Xcode

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Developing for Mac and iOS isn't my primary profile, but every time I open Xcode IDE, it brings me another bunch of bugs. This time I have got tired because of the bug with Storyboard,where Connections inspector missing Sent Events section for UITextField or UIButton.

Every time it happens to me, I'm too lazy to investigate why it happens, but not anymore. I don't want to assign event listeners via addTarget or modifying Storyboard in text editor, because I like to design as much as possible inside Storyboard editor.

If you have connected IBAction before, and after some time the Sent Events section become missing, you will get next picture:

This appeared in Xcode 4, and not fixed yet. To fix it, you need to search your project (or workspace, if you have a lot of subprojects and/or CocoaPods) for extensions of native UITextField class and comment them out.

After it, you can connect all actions you need, safely uncomment that extensions and pray Apple so they could finally find a bug and fix it.

Anyway, if you are too lazy, as me, there is another way to do the same ;)